eBook: Delivering Relevance
Your Guide to Making Email Count

4 Ways to Create Relevant and Meaningful Emails

Email has never gone out of style as a marketing tool. It continues to drive more conversions, maximize ROI and boost loyalty. But, you have to be spot on with your customer communication and make every email truly count.

Through gathering and analyzing Magnetic’s own email performance data from millions of emails sends in 2015, this eBook will walk you through the 4 must-have components of creating relevant and meaningful emails people want.

Email Has Evolved Beyond the Inbox

You'll only succeed with email if you deliver relevant content. Certainly, spamming your customers isn’t the answer, while sending email that doesn’t align with a customer’s expressed interests doesn’t move the needle much either. Your audience will be most receptive to messages about products they have already shown interest in, explicitly or passively.

Follow these 4 steps outlined in our eBook to making every email relevant:

  • Understand how to use the right data to reach people with relevance
  • Acquire customers and drive loyalty by giving people what they want to receive
  • Use proven design templates and nuances to drive performance
  • Know where to email strategies to drive engagement