Wine, Whine & Wisdom with Alexis Bittar

Wine, Whine and Wisdom Series

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Magnetic sat down with Robbi Webb, Director of Ecommerce with Alexis Bittar, and chatted about the best strategies and tactics to drive a strong performance this holiday season.  We also focused our conversation on how to extend promotions to gain customer loyalty and retention long after the winter season is over.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cocktail and listen in as Robbi takes on the biggest questions around holiday planning and ecommerce success.

  • How does Alexis Bittar strike a balance between getting in front of customers early with holiday messaging, but then again, not too early?
  • When a new visitor comes to the site, how do you identify a gift buyer vs. someone shopping for themselves?
  • When does Alexis Bittar start planning for the next big holiday?

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