Site Recommendations. Reimagined.

So... Honestly, Who Doesn’t Want a Personal Shopper?

As retailers, personalizing a site experience at the individual level can sometimes feel like a daunting, non-scalable strategy. But, by catering your website to each individual, somewhat like a personal shopper, you will actually yield a better return.

Lucky for us marketers, we can reap the benefits of great technology where algorithms do the lion’s share of the work and produce strong results.

Introducing your new personal shopper – a site recommendation engine with awesome algorithms and business rules to maximize revenue on your site, combined with a NEW interface, designed for just the right amount of the human touch.

Want to meet YOUR personal shopper? See for Yourself!

We’re proud to bring you our site recommendations re-imagined with all the core tenants for running revenue-driving recommendations:

  • Personalization at scale with more than 250 Million profiles
  • 30+ recommendation algorithms
  • A/B testing to test products and strategies
  • Transparency into the recommendation engine
  • Control to implement business rules for your business
  • User experience (UI) for ease of use, reporting and interactivity