Email Maturity Curve: Where Do You Fall?

Where Do You Fall?

Email’s adaptable nature has allowed it to evolve and address people’s demands and growing expectations of relevant content. The maturity curve is largely influenced by the influx of consumer data, growth of programmatic marketing and sophistication in machine learning.

Given this adaptable nature, the spectrum of email excellence across marketers is great. Take a look at where you fall on Magnetic's Email Maturity Curve, a handy measurement to see how you stack up against your competition in the realm of email marketing.

What kind of marketer are you?

  • "Basic" - a dinosaur of the batch-and-blast past
  • "Tactical" - dipping your toes into segmentation
  • "Coordinated and Synchronized" - a multi-channel and strategy pro

Join us as we dive into the Email Maturity Curve, measuring email strategies and offering guidance to become best-in-class and coordinate your email programs with ad and site strategy.

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