Holiday Checklist: Gain Momentum Early
and Fill-Up Your Holiday Funnel

Your Holiday Checklist is Here!

There’s a lot to think about as you begin planning your holiday marketing efforts. You might find yourself asking a variety of questions, such as: When do people start searching for gifts? When should offers start and/or increase? What channels matter most?

Don’t worry, we’ve got these answers and more all in one tinsel-tastic check list!

This checklist covers everything you need to know to build out and execute a successful 2016 holiday season. It covers shopping trends, key dates, meaningful data, cross-channel considerations and more!

Here are 4 key takeaways:

  • Pay Attention to the Time: When shoppers start researching and buying might surprise you!
  • Prioritize Your Data: Know what information is going to be most valuable to find, keep and bring back customers.
  • Rev Your Recommendation Engine: Delight customers with relevant recs that also impact business rules.
  • Spread the Cheer Across Channels: Reach people everywhere they are